A Festival of Links

My name is — obviously — Anna McGrail and I work as a writer and editor. This is where I’ve brought together some of my past and current projects.

My latest non-fiction project is a memoir called A Life in 26 Letters. You can read more about that here.


I am the author of two novelsBlood Sisters and Mrs Einstein — radio plays and several non-fiction books.

One of my radio plays, The Nineteeth List, was nominated for the Prix Italia; another, The Glamour Gene, was a winner in the London Playwrights Festival. A stage play, Fuzzy Logic, was commissioned for the Brighton Festival, 2000. Another stage play, A Report Of A Birth In The South-East Quadrant, was directed by Annie Castledine in Brighton.

I wrote a play for 2016’s Brighton Fringe Festival. I wanted to do something experimental with sound, so that’s what I did in The Museum of the Recently Named.

My short stories have been published in magazines such as Everywoman, Panurge, and Cosmopolitan, and I was a first prize-winner in the Ian St James awards. In 2016, I was also the first prize-winner in the London Magazine short-story competition with Fascicle 41.

For many years, I was the production editor for the BabyCenter family of websites, helping to launch BabyCentre UK in 2000 and many other sites internationally. I am also co-founder of and author for The Good Spa Guide.

I also have a small hobby exploring lost manuscripts and look after a small museum of the recently vanished.