Short stories

My short stories have been published in various magazines. In 2016, I won first prize in The London Magazine short-story competition with my story Fascicle 41, which you can read here. I was particularly pleased about this because, when I first started writing, the then-editor of the magazine was Alan Ross and I sent him my stories relentlessly. While I never broke down his door, he kept sending me encouraging notes to keep going. So I did. I got there in the end: I had a story published in The London Magazine at last.

Fascicle_41Fascicle 41 was also printed in the Chinese-language magazine Yangtze River Series in 2018.

I was delighted to see it, as that is the first of my fiction to appear in Chinese.

Thanks go to the translator, Ping Xu.


I was once also a first prize-winner in the Ian St James awards, which launched the careers of several of today’s mainstream authors.

My Book cover of hands drawing each otherstory — The Welfare of the Patient — was originally included in Brought to Book, published by HarperCollins, and then again in Snap Shots: Ten Years of the Ian St James Awards, the anthology containing all the first-prize winners from that sadly now-ceased competition. It means that my story appears between the same covers as those from such luminaries as Kate Atkinson, Michel Faber and Phil Whitaker. You can still buy Snap Shots here. (Can only give an Amazon link — the second-hand book market is a little unpredictable in this tributary of the fast-flowing stream.)

“The stories in this anthology comprise some of the best contemporary short fiction in the world, since the book contains only the first-place winners of this prestigious award” — Amazon reader review


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